Happy Taeyeon Day 2015

Taeyeon’s birthday message on Instagram – loosely translated… “it’s pretty, thank you everyone.” Happy Birthday Taeyeon and has a wonderful year ahead.

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Taeyeon Halloween Parties

Taeyeon Instagram updates from SM Halloween party and other “spooky” stuff.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Tiffany SM Halloween selca
#smhalloweenparty @xolovestephi

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Taeyeon Instagram Updates 2014.10.14

Tangstagram updates in the last few days – Halloween shopping with her stylist, behind the scene of High Cut photoshoot, and bidding farewell to Holler and The TaeTiSeo TV show, and also photo with TTS dancers.

SNSD Taeyeon with stylist pd2da
@pd2da @onstyletv #theํƒœํ‹ฐ์„œ

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