Taeyeon Sushi Panic

Animated gifs of Taeyeon being bullied by sushi on The TaeTiSeo TV show.

Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi panic Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi TTS
Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi trouble Girls Generation Taeyeon Seohyun sushi

Source: Kakkaiwa, via Snsdfood

Girls’ Generation-TTS Hello Counselor (6 pics)

Girls’ Generation-TTS on KBS’s Hello Counselor TV show earlier this month.

Girls Generation TTS Hello Counselor TV show

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Girls’ Generation-TTS Holler Music Bank

Girls’ Generation-TTS performed Holler on KBS Music Bank on October 10, 2014. This was their goodbye stage; the trio wrapped up the promotion cycle over the weekend; a bit short if you ask me, not even a full month.

Source: SMTOWN