TaeTiSeo Fashion Kode Promo Video

Promotion videos for Fashion Kode, a fashion-culture fair (Jan 29-31, 2015) featuring Girls’ Generation-TTS as honorary ambassador. Tiffany did most of the talking in the English version, all three shared the task in the Korean version.

English ver.

Korean ver.

Credit: FashionKode

Sunny & TTS Take Selfie

Sunny and Girls’ Generation-TTS taking a selfie on a special public broadcast for Sunny FM Date radio show on November 14, 2014.

Source: 801dayz

Taeyeon Sushi Panic

Animated gifs of Taeyeon being bullied by sushi on The TaeTiSeo TV show.

Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi panic Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi TTS
Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi trouble Girls Generation Taeyeon Seohyun sushi

Source: Kakkaiwa, via Snsdfood