Taeyeon Instagram Updates 2014.02.22

Tangstagram selca from the past week or two – weird mushroom doll, accessory from Mr Mr, a visit to Seohyun’s Musical (with Yoona), and a few pretty selfies.

Girls Generation Taeyeon mushroom doll selca

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Taeyeon Instagram 2014.02.05

Taeyeon Instagram updates in the last few days – Cotton Candy & Tiffany, a pretty selca, a photo from Love & Peace, new Casio advert concept, and a possible teaser for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming Korean album?

Girls Generation Taeyeon Tiffany Cotton Candy

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Taeyeon Back Into The New World

Taeyeon’s Instagram selca in ski costume to cheer for the Winter Olympics, and reminded fans of her debut style (check the 3rd photo, you’ll know) in Into The New World music video, which we embedded as well for nostalgia sake.

Girls Generation Taeyeon ITNW Instagram selca

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Taeyeon Bedtime Selca

Taeyeon’s Instagram selca on January 5, her first “real” selca photo in 2014.

Girls Generation Taeyeon 2014 bed selca

Source: Taeyeon_ss

Taeyeon Universal Studios Japan Selca

Taeyeon’s Instagram update (including one from Sunny’s IG), taken in Universal Studios Japan before/after their Love & Peace showcase.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Tiffany Sunny selca

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