Taeyeon Halloween Parties

Taeyeon Instagram updates from SM Halloween party and other “spooky” stuff.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Tiffany SM Halloween selca
#smhalloweenparty @xolovestephi

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Taeyeon Instagram Updates 2014.02.22

Tangstagram selca from the past week or two – weird mushroom doll, accessory from Mr Mr, a visit to Seohyun’s Musical (with Yoona), and a few pretty selfies.

Girls Generation Taeyeon mushroom doll selca

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Taeyeon Instagram 2014.02.05

Taeyeon Instagram updates in the last few days – Cotton Candy & Tiffany, a pretty selca, a photo from Love & Peace, new Casio advert concept, and a possible teaser for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming Korean album?

Girls Generation Taeyeon Tiffany Cotton Candy

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