Taeyeon Ceci Interview & HD Scans

English translated interview and HD scanned images from January 2014 issue of Ceci Magazine, with Taeyeon as the cover girl.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Ceci Magazine interview

When asked to choose who I wanted to meet from Girls’ Generation, my choice was always Taeyeon. Because her subtle, yet powerful voice was the strong first impression from a group called Girls’ Generation. 2014 makes 8 years for Girls’ Generation. They opened up a new chapter in the Korean music industry, and, rather than remaining in the generation they created, they wanted challenges. While none are teens anymore, they’re still relentless. They have been pulling in everything possible as Girls’ Generation’s territory and have been building up a large, solid fortress. When there is word about a comeback, it is said their next steps will decide Girls’ Generation’s future. However, no matter what the appearance of their comeback, nothing would be weird.

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Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014 Cover Photos

Cover photos (two versions) and teaser images from January 2014 issue of Ceci Magazine (available in Korea, China, Thailand etc.), featuring Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, her first solo appearance on a magazine cover.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014 cover

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Taeyeon Makes First Magazine Solo Cover Shoot

Taeyeon will appear in Ceci Magazine for the 2014 New Year issue. Depends on definition this is her first solo pictorial (she also featured alone in High Cut a few months ago but wasn’t on the cover) on a notable magazine.

Here’s a couple of selca and a teaser from her Instagram; Taeyeon also said that the the pictorial will feature in Chinese & Thai version of the magazine as well.

Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014 Instagram selca
Morning 크리스마스공연이 얼마남지 않았어요! 즐거운날이될거야

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