SNSD Glam Baby-G (HD)

Girls’ Generation’s Baby-G advertisements which were published in CeCi Magazine (October 2014) with a glam concept. The group has been endorsing the popular watch brand since 2012.

SNSD Taeyeon Glam Baby-G

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Taeyeon Mixxo Style (3 pics)

Girls’ Generation-TTS are the new endorsers for Korean fashion brand Mixxo (which also have outlets in China, Japan etc.)

Girls Generation Taeyeon Tiffany Mixxo

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SNSD Baby-G 20th Anniversary Wallpaper++

Girls’ Generation’s wallpaper (around 1920×1080 size) with Baby-G in celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary + advertisements in a subway station in Seoul.

Girls Generation BabyG 20th anniversary wallpaper

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