Taeyeon Gimpo Airport 2014.10.04 (5 pics)

Taeyeon at Gimpo Airport, travelling to Japan on October 4 for SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Tokyo.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Gimpo Airport 2014.10.01

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Taeyeon New York Round Trip (8 HD pics)

Taeyeon travelling to USA for New York Fashion Week (with TaeTiSeo) on September 6, and returning on September 11, 2014.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Incheon Airport to New York

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Taeyeon Incheon-Hiroshima Round Trip (10 HD pics)

HD photos from Incheon Airport, travelling to Hiroshima on May 2 for SNSD Japan Tour, and returning on May 8, 2014.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Airport to Hiroshima

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