Taeyeon Shenzhen Fan Meeting (6 pics)

Taeyeon at a Girls’ Generation fan meeting in Shenzhen, China, on September 30, 2014. This was SNSD’s first official fan meeting in China, unofficially without Jessica who’s driven out of the group abruptly.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Shenzhen fan meeting

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Taeyeon Blade & Soul in Shanghai v3 (6 pics)

Photos from Girls’ Generation’s Shanghai showcase for Blade & Soul – a video game they endorsed in China – in November 2013.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Blade Soul Shanghai showcase

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Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014 Cover Photos

Cover photos (two versions) and teaser images from January 2014 issue of Ceci Magazine (available in Korea, China, Thailand etc.), featuring SNSD’s Taeyeon, her first solo appearance on a magazine cover.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014 cover

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