Taeyeon Insecure of Her Big Toenail

Taeyeon recently confessed on Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’clock radio show about one of her biggest insecurities and that was her big toenail.

Taeyeon expressed, “I am insecure about my big toe’s toenail, I already injured it four times in the same place.”

She then continued with, “Hearing this may make some people uncomfortable, but my big toenail ‘ran away’. So basically… it’s in a state where it’s just barely sitting on my toe.”

Taeyeon recalled the past incidents where she injured it and shared, “I recently injured it again. It got caught in the heel of the shoe and my toenail fell off… Once when I was young, I was riding my bicycle and got my toenail caught in the wheel.”

She then expressed her sadness and said, “I recently injured my left foot’s big toenail. I can’t wear sandals or slippers in the summer because of my big toenail.”

Source: FunkyFlapjacks@Snsdkorean & PinkChocolate@AKP