Girls’ Generation TaeYeon Profile

Girls Generation SNSD Taeyeon

Full name: Kim Tae-yeon
Korean name: 김태연 / 金泰妍
Nicknames: Taeng, Taengoo, TaeTae, Kid Leader, ByunTaeng etc.
DOB: March 9, 1989
Birthplace: Jeonrado, Jeonju, South Korea
Height: 160cm
Blood type: O
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Position: Leader, main vocalist
Education: Jeonju Art High School
Sibling(s): 1 older brother (Kim Ji-woong), 1 younger sister (Kim Ha-yeon)
Language: Korean (Fluent), English, Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic)
Casted: 2004 SM 8th Annual Best Contest (Best Singer 1st Place Grand Award)
Training Duration: 3 Years 3 Months

DJ for Good Friend Radio (2008-2010)
Solo in If – OST for drama Hong Gil Dong (2008)
Solo in Can You Hear Me – OST for drama Beethoven Virus (2008)
Starred in variety show We Got Married with comedian Jeong Hyeong-don (2009)
Duet with Sunny in It’s Love – OST for drama Heading To The Ground (2009)
Starred in stage musical Midnight Sun (2010)
Voiced for animated film Despicable Me (2010) & Sequel (2013)
Duet with The One in Like A Star (2010)
Co-host of variety talk show Win-Win (2010)
Solo in I Love You – OST for drama Athena: Goddess of War (2010)
Duet with Kim Bum-soo in Different (2011)
Played a part in drama Salamander Guru (2012)
Co-host of MBC Music Core with Tiffany and Seohyun (2012-2013)
Released mini-album Twinkle with sub-unit Girls’ Generation-TTS (2012)
Solo in Missing You Like Crazy – OST for drama The King 2 Hearts (2012)
Solo in Closer – OST for drama To The Beautiful You (2012)
Solo in And…One – OST for drama That Winter The Wind Blows (2013)
Solo in Bye – OST for movie Mr.Go (2013)
Solo in Colorful – a campaign song for broadcaster JTBC (2014)
Participate in SM Ballad Vol.2 Breath album (2014)
Solo in Love, That One Word – drama OST for You’re All Surrounded (2014)
Featured in Amber’s Shake That Brass (2015)

Source: Snsdkorean & Yeinjee