Girls’ Generation Taeyeon_ss Instagram

Looks like Taengoo might have opened an account on photo-sharing website Instagram (taeyeon_ss). We usually put these social-media-account rumours into garbage bin, but this one seems interesting, as the photos (presumably taken during her Disney trip) are pretty exclusive. Update: It’s Taeyeon for real.

Girls Generation Taeyeon_SS Instagram photo

We’ll take this with a pinch of salt until it’s officially confirmed. Right now the account has attracted 15,000 followers in a matter of hours. If it’s confirmed to be legit it’ll reach million in no time.

Update: “Taeyeon” has written a message on Instagram saying that the account is real. LoL, thing is she (or her SM staff) needs to say something on official website/facebook or to the press to make this certain.

Update: Another pic makes it beyond doubt. 105k followers in a day :)

Update: SM Entertainment has officially confirmed that the account is authentic. You can also check Taeyeon’s updates with our Instagram Tag.

SNSD Taeyeon Instagram picture