Taeyeon Sushi Panic

Animated gifs of Taeyeon being bullied by sushi on The TaeTiSeo TV show.

Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi panic Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi TTS
Girls Generation Taeyeon sushi trouble Girls Generation Taeyeon Seohyun sushi

Source: Kakkaiwa, via Snsdfood

Taeyeon Instagram Updates 2014.09.26

Miscellaneous Tangstagram photos from the past two weeks – M!Countdown celebration, Seoul skyline, Red Velvet, and many TTS/Holler stuff.

SNSD Taeyeon Instagram Mnet Countdown
고맙습니다SONE #TTS #holler #mcd @onstyletv

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A Flower from TTS

SM Entertainment performance director beatburgerjae has shared a teaser on his Instagram for Girls’ Generation-TTS 2014 comeback.

Girls Generation TTS 2014 comeback

A Flower From #TTS comingsoon #SOREADY cant wait!!!

Source: beatburgerjae