It’s Taeyeon Day

Happy Birthday Taeyeon!!! The girls and staff found time to celebrate Taengoo’s birthday amidst of their busy schedule.

Girls Generation Taeyeon 2014 birthday

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Taeyeon & SM The Ballad

Taeyeon is participating in SM Ballad Project SM THE BALLAD Vol. 2 – Breath which will be released on February 13. Taeyeon will duet with SHINee’s Jonghyun in the title track (Korean version) and has a solo titled Set Me Free.

Girls Generation Taeyeon SM Ballad v2

The group consists of eight members from SM Entertainment. Besides Taeyeon and Jonghyun, the other six members are Max (TVXQ), Yesung (Super Junior), Krystal (fx), Chen (EXO-M), Zhou Mi (Super Junior-M) and Zhang Liyin.

Source: SMTOWN

Taeyeon Union

A number of Korean and International Taeyeon fansites have joined hands to form a Taeyeon Union to prepare for the SNSD leader’s upcoming birthday.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Union

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Taeyeon Instagram Chats

Taeyeon had some chat with fans on Instagram in the early morning of January 25. Translation (and edited) by the folks at Soshified.

Taeyeon: 뭐다들 이렇게 일찍자 내일 쉬는날아니에요? 불금에 뭐하는거야
(Why are you all sleeping so early. Don’t you have tomorrow off? What are you doing on a Hot Friday)

Translator’s note: “Hot Friday” is similar to the common saying, “Thank God It’s Friday.”

Taeyeon: 어바웃타임안봤어요/청승떨며 음악들어요 노을-그리워그리워/눈썹가방에있다어쩔래
(I haven’t seen About Time/I’m acting miserable listening to music, Noel – I Miss You/My eyebrows are in my bag, what are you going to do about it)

Editor’s note: “About Time” is a recent movie.

Taeyeon: 프로즌봤죠/밝기9아니고 자연광이야멍츙아^^/지금옆에아무도없어/눈썹타투는얼어죽을/프린스가날싫어하는게아니라미치도록좋아하는거임 외사랑/별그대안봐요
(I’ve seen Frozen/The brightness isn’t at 9, it’s natural light you dummy^^/Nobody’s next to me right now/Eyebrow tattoos, yeah right/Prince doesn’t dislike me, but I like him like crazy. One-sided love/I don’t watch You Who Came From the Stars)

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Taeyeon Opens YouTube Channel

Taeyeon has opened a YouTube channel (linked from her Instagram account). The first video is an audio cover of Justin Bieber’s Be Alright. The simple guess is that she wanted to post longer videos, as Instagram clips are limited to 15 seconds.

The story behind the song? Your guess is as good as ours.